What I Do

I focus on software development, digital marketing, and business development for start-ups, entrepreneurs and business owners who are having difficulties with:

  1. Getting started quickly
  2. Growing their businesses to six figures and beyond
  3. Transforming and scale to the next level

Most of my time is spent adding value and looking for ways to help businesses go further and grow faster. Whether it’s identifying the right sets of software, digital marketing and technology tools, designing strategies for growth, or connecting them with the right resources, I am always in the trenches with my clients.

I serve as a consultant and coach to individuals with just an idea, to those looking to grow, and even businesses earning millions of dollars. I simply help them to get results.

I have a passion for helping others, creating things and giving back. Since I can remember, I have always been teaching people how to become better versions of themselves. I have been working on some new products that will be publicly available soon. The idea of bringing things together fascinates me. When I think about how efficient a lot of things could be if we were to bring them together. This is part of what drives my thought process.

I enjoy writing songs, composing music and producing incredible sounds. I now play the piano and bass guitar which is really awesome. I do have an excellent ear for music and I do most things musically by ear. I write mostly on the things I care about which is part of my daily life experiences.

I spend about 3 hours of my days reading and learning something new. I am a learn it all. I try to keep tabs on the latest events around the world. The world has gotten smaller and it’s now way more easier to keep track of what matters.